Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Ice Skating, Dinner and Airport

Wednesday 12th October, 2011

Time does fly!....a week has gone by since I last blogged and the last few days have been rather busy for me.   

Friday 7th October

This afternoon I went into town but first I picked Katie up before going on to meet Tony.  Seeing it's school holidays we arranged for me to meet Katie early.  We then went into town, met Tony, went and had a coffee and I wanted to go and look for a bookstore but unfortunately it's no longer there.  We headed back to the car and went off and did some grocery shopping.  Katie wanted to go to Vili's for dinner so we went there.  It was another night of singing.....Johnny Mac was there again with his guitar.

Talking to her 'boyfriend', Jason

Saturday 8th October

Last night Katie had asked to go ice skating for today.  After a slow start to the day we headed off to The Snow Dome at Thebarton.  Unfortunately our winters don't get cold enough for our rivers and lakes to freeze over and so if we want to go ice skating we have to go to a man made ice rink inside a huge warehouse type building.

Katie starts off on the small ice rink to get a feel for it and then heads off to the larger faster ice rink.  All they seem to do is just skate around in circles to the music while Tony and I sit and watch and

Today, however they let the kids have a go at ice hockey goal shooting.  Katie had to have a go.  While standing in line she got talking to some of the other kids and one of them is learning to ice dance.  She gave Katie some pointers on how to go backwards and stop with her skates.  Katie was rather pleased.

She even took a tumble

We left there and headed on down to Port Adelaide.  They were having a Festival so we wandered around having a look at some of the craft and food stalls.  Katie asked for pizza for dinner so seeing we were close to West Beach we headed on over there, got some pizzas and then went to the playground at West Lakes to eat them.  Katie had a lot of fun playing on the playground with the other kids that were there.

As it was nearing dusk we headed on back to Port Adelaide as I wanted to see the light show they were having.  Special scenes of what life was like in the Port a hundred years ago were being projected onto the buildings.  It was very interesting.

Sunday 9th October

Today we went to the Somerset Hotel for lunch in honour of Tori and Jay.  They are leaving on Tuesday to go and live in Tasmania.  I am not sure where but I think it's Wynyard.  It was a nice afternoon. 

Earlier on in the afternoon Kahra had rung me to say that something had come up and would it be possible for Katie to stay tonight as well.  At first Katie didn't want to but then she was happy to be staying another night.  When we were ready to leave Katie and Taylor had made arrangements for Katie to go back to Jodi's.  That was OK with us and I rang Kahra to let her know.   

Jodi dropped Katie off around 8 o'clock.  She was quite excited bcause she had a bag of clothes that they had given her but she wasn't feeling too well.  She had a temperature and said her ears and throat hurt.   I gave her a dose of Panadol.  By the time they left her temperature had come down and she said her ears and throat weren't so sore.

Monday 10th October

Dianne rang me to say that her and Rick would come and pick me up tomorrow to take me to the airport.  Tony wasn't able to go as he had meetings booked for the afternoon.

When Katie finally got out of bed she asked to go ice skating again.  I was a bit concerned as she said she still had the sore throat and ear ache.  During the night she was restless, and kept us awake for nearly 2 hours with her coughing.  She took her puffer but it didn't seem to help.  It wasn't good with Tony having to get up early to go to work.

She said she would rug up and stay warm and I gave her some more Panadol and off we went.  She was determined to master skating backwards. 

Seeing there were not as many there this afternoon it was colder than what it was on Saturday.  Brrrrrr I froze, but she enjoyed herself and yes, she got the hang of skating backwards and was very pleased with herself.

In the end her boots were hurting her feet and so we left early.  We went and met Tony and then took Katie to meet Darrin who was picking her up.

We went off and did some shopping and headed home.  I thought I would sleep while watching X Factor but I did manage to stay awake.  Maybe it was the nanna nap I had in the car on the way home that helped.

Tuesday 11th October

Rick and Dianne came by and picked me up around 1pm.  We headed off to the airport.  The flight Tori and Jay was on was due to leave at 3.05pm.

We got to the airport and Jodi, the girls, Beth, Savannah, Tori and Jay were at Hungry Jack's having lunch.  His dad and step mum were also there.

Around 2.45 they started calling for the passengers to board.  We all said our "see yas" (it's never goodbye).  Taylor got very upset and I walked away as I knew I would also lose it.  Jodi was upset too and I sort of lost it when I saw Tori shedding some tears as they were walking down the ramp.  She said she wants to come back for Christmas and that's not too far away.

The plane finally took off at 3.25.  We all left and on the way home Rick, Dianne and I went for a coffee dropping me off back home at around 5.30pm.  Tony was already home from work so we went to the shops to get some mayonnaise and celery so that I could make a chicken salad for dinner.

See ya Tors and Jay

Now today is Wednesday and it's a day to relax for me.  I'll get some washing done maybe, but the housework can wait until next week. 

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