Saturday, October 29, 2011

Hot Chocolate, Netball.....All Too Much

Saturday 29th October, 2011

Last night after picking up Katie, we were heading off to go and do some shopping and then go home, when Katie asked if we were going to go and have a hot chocolate.  I asked her if she wanted one and she said she did, so we headed back into the city.

Seeing Tony and I hadn't been for our usual coffee it was perfect timing.  After we had our coffee and chocolate we went back to Tony's work as Katie and I wanted to use the toilet.  While there she discovered a pair of crutches.  Hhmmm she thought, these look like fun.  Tony adjusted them for her and she was enjoying learning how to use them.

While there Jodi rang and asked us what we were doing and whether we would  like to go and watch Tanecia play netball.  Her game was to start at 8.30pm.  After going off and doing some food shopping we went over to ETSA Park.    Her game didn't start until after 9.00 pm.  It was a nice evening until the wind started to make things a little cool.

When the game finished we went off to Vili's, as it was just around the corner, and had some warm soup and a coffee.  When we got home we all went straight to bed.  Around 1.00am I was woken up by the sounds of Katie vomiting.  She came in to tell me that she had been sick all over the toilet floor.   I woke Tony up and he cleaned up the mess, giving the toilet a complete washdown, including the walls.

We all settled down and went back to sleep once again.   Here it is 10.30am and Katie is still asleep.  I will let her sleep as long as she wants as last night her and Taylor made arrangements for Katie to sleep over.  In the end it was decided I have Taylor come over tonight to sleep here.

So far nothing has been planned for the rest of today, so we will see what it brings after Katie gets up.  I think it may be a movie.

From the Lens............

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