Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Finally, We Got To Clean Out The Garage

Tuesday 25th October, 2011

The weekend has come and gone and here we are Tuesday already.  On Friday night we went to Cafe Primo at Tea Tree Plaza for Tanecia's birthday.  The food was not so good, they used to be a great place to go for a quick cheap meal but over the last couple of years their food has gone downhill.  However, that is where Tanecia wanted to go.

On Saturday Tony and I made a start on cleaning out the garage.  We went to Bunnings and bought a whole heap of storage drawers, well 6 to start with.  Saturday night we went back and got another 4 and on Sunday we bought another 2.

We didn't finish it on Saturday and so Sunday we finished it off.  We didn't think we had much to get rid off until Tony started loading all the rubbish into the car.  We thought we were just re-organising the cupboard, getting rid of boxes and transferring everything into the storage drawers.

Once we made a start it was quite surprising to find what was of no use to us anymore.  Tony had a lot of computer hardware, but the way technology advances it was not much use to anyone.  We got rid of the old slide projector, an old turntable, our old antique radio, old computer programs and the list goes on.

We took all the rubbish into Tony's work and dumped it into the big bins they have there.  We stopped off at the Salvos and put a lot of re-usable things into the charity bin there. 

It feels so good to drive the car into the garage and actually see the work bench and not have everything standing along the walls.  Now we just have to sort out the back garden shed.

The weekend weather was rather nice, warm but humid.   Sunday, the skies looked threatening but we didn't get any rain.  On Monday it felt like winter had returned, it was so cold.  Still that's what you have to expect in Spring.

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