Thursday, September 8, 2011

Winter Has Returned

Wednesday 7th September, 2011

What a difference a day makes.  After some gorgeous Spring weather the last few days we have returned to Winter.  Yesterday morning we woke up to grey overcast skies and the temperature plummeted.  A hailstorm came through in the morning. 

Showers have been predicted right up to next Monday with temperatures in the mid teens.  After a lazy day Monday I made a start on the laundry yesterday.

Tony came home from work last night suffering with a sore throat, headache and feeling cold.  He said he wasn't able to get warm all day.  Uh-oh, doesn't sound good.  There is a lot of this going around at the moment.

This morning I woke up around 6.30am, it was fairly light outside and Tony was still in bed.  "Did you sleep in?", I asked.  "No," he said, "I turned the alarm off as I'm not going to work today."  Now for him to say that, he must be feeling really crook.

He said he didn't sleep very much during the night, had a headache, his throat was sore and his teeth ached.  I gave him some Sinus tablets as aching gums and headaches across the bridge of the nose usually mean sinus.  After an hour or so he said that they had eased but he still had the sore throat.

I let him sleep until around 9.30am and then woke him as he wanted to try and get in to see the doctor.  He rang the surgery and could get to see the Doctor at 10.45am.  He showered and got himself ready to go.  While he was gone I showered and got dressed as I thought we could go and do our shopping when he came back.

He was home around 11.30.  The Doctor said he had a virus, gave him a prescription for some anti viral tablets.  He also gave him tomorrow off work, Tony was hoping for Friday as well.  We left soon after to go shopping.  While out we went and had a salad roll and coffee for lunch.  We also bought Katie's birthday present for her.

We did our grocery shopping and on the way back to the car Tony stopped and got me an iPhone.  I have been having trouble with my other phone, it charges then goes flat after a day or so.  We know the problem could be fixed with a new battery but what the hell, it's over two years old, so I may as well have a new phone.

We called in home and dropped off the shopping and then went down to Bunnings.  Tony wanted some wood, and was hoping they had some off cuts that they could sell us.  As it turned out, they had a bin full of off cuts and the guy let Tony have a couple of pieces at no charge.

Now I know why I go shopping late afternoon/evening.  Today we left before midday and got home after 4.00pm.  That's not counting calling in home earlier to drop the shopping off.

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