Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Have Made A Start On The Christmas Shopping

Wednesday 21st September, 2011

Today I am going out for lunch with Dianne.  We ended up going up to Tea Tree Plaza as she had to pay a lay-by.

We had lunch at 42nd Street Cafe, shared a large bowl of yummy wedges with sour cream and sweet chili.  We had a wander through some of the stores and she ended up buying Katie her birthday present.  Katie had asked for Gomu's, they are erasers.  She had seen them in Melbourne, but I think some of her friends at school have also got them.

She also got her another book by Andy Griffith.  While we were in Toys R Us we also bought Katie some of her Christmas presents.  Katie had also told me that she wanted Squinkies for Christmas.  Dianne offered to buy her some for Christmas, I will get her some later.  I got her a few more Gomu's, a tin to keep them in, plus a pencil case and some more erasers.

We had a very productive day.......I made a start on my Christmas shopping....yay!  I have also been wanting the Jimmy Choo perfume, so I decided to treat myself to it.  I am so lucky I have a wonderful husband who doesn't say anything about me spending $139 on a bottle of perfume.  Love you Tone!

Dianne told me that Troy and Jodi won't be selling their house and moving to the country after all, well, not in the immediate future.  Apparently the bank didn't approve the loan.  She said that Jodi still wants to go and live in the country at some stage though.

After I dropped Dianne back home I went and met Tony at the Village and we did some grocery shopping.  We went and had coffee when we finished and then got some chicken for dinner.

It was great to come home and sit down and relax.  I was wanting to watch the Tuesday night episode of X Factor but unfortunately the recorder didn't tape it.  Tony was sure he programmed it correctly.  Hmmmm I wonder lol.  Thank god for the least I could check and see who got voted off.

From the Lens..............Gomu

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