Friday, September 23, 2011

Window Shopping

Friday 23rd September, 2011

When Tony rang during the day he asked me to come in and meet him.  After we went and had our coffee we went off to do some window shopping.

Our first stop was Harvey Norman to have a look for some new speakers for the computer.  They didn't have a good selection.  While there I also looked at getting another cordless vacuum cleaner.  Electrolux have a new one out that I wanted to see.

We then headed off to David Jones to have a look there.  For a few years now they have had these soapbox religious preachers in the Mall.  Some time ago they were banned and as a result took their complaint to the courts and were given the right to preach again in the Mall.

Since they have been back they have caused more problems than what they are worth.  I don't know what religion they claim to be from, they sound like spruikers who just like to "stir the pot" throwing in God's name every now and then. 

Anyway as a result, there are always plenty of protesters and hecklers who like to "confront" these preachers, resulting in police presence.  They congregate around the preachers with their placards, disrupting people who want to shop or just stroll along the Mall.  I don't know which is worse.

I personally believe that religion should be kept out of the Mall.  If people want to know more about God, there's plenty of churches in and around the city they can go to and they can contact a local minister or priest and take it from there.  What do they say.......never discuss religion or politics, it usually ends up in an argument.

We went into David Jones but they didn't have what we were looking for so Tony suggested we go to Myers.  When we left DJ's, the preachers and protesters had gone, thank goodness.

Myers had what we wanted.  I wanted another Scanpan stewpot (40% off) and a new microwave.  We had been looking at the Panasonic flatbed microwave oven for a while now.  David Jones had sold out of them and back about a month ago told us that they had to order more in. They told us that they were expecting new stock around late September/October.  Myers had some in stock and so we decided to get one now.  Plus they were cheaper than what DJ's had them for.

So much for window shopping.  Still, you have to buy what you want when you see it and especially if they are offering it at good prices.

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