Wednesday, August 10, 2011


Wednesday 10th August, 2011

Another morning and we wake up to rain.  The last 7 days we have had 60mm rain, this month's average is only 68mm and they say that there is more on the way, especially next week.  The ground is so water logged now so where is this extra water going to go?

My head was fuzzy this morning and I felt nauseous.  I went back to bed later in the morning.  I felt a bit better when I got up.  I was supposed to do the ironing but that can wait until tomorrow if I feel like doing it then.

Maybe I should find something else to do in the afternoons.  I love listening to the radio, and talkback in particular, but a certain person just makes my blood pressure go sky high.  I can't say too much about them here, I may get myself sued, but grrrrrrr she makes me angry at times.  Most times I just turn the radio off as I can't stand listening to her.

I don't like listening to music stations, they just play the same songs day after day.   Perhaps I will go and listen to my own music, gotta be better than listening to her!

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