Monday, August 22, 2011

A Waste Of A Day

Monday 22nd August, 2011

What a waste of a day and I wanted to do so much in the backyard!!  Last night as I was settling in to watch the new series of Underbelly the phone rang.  It was Tori and she wanted  to know if she and Jay could come over and sleep the night at our place.  I said yes.  I am so weak sometimes hahahaha.

We had to go over to Craigmore to pick them up.  When we got them I asked what had happened.  Jay and Tori are sharing a house with another couple, Jay's mate and his girlfriend, and apparently there was an almighty argument.  They thought it best to get out of there for a couple days until things cooled down and then they could go back and discuss things rationally.

Why they rang us I don't know, I can only assume that Tori's grandparents wouldn't take Jay in as well and there would be no point in ringing her mother, Jodi, as it would be going from one fire to another.

So back here they came, and here it is after midday and they still haven't surfaced.  I haven't been able to go and do what I want to do as I don't know what their plans are.  Grrrr teenagers!!!!  I am assuming that later on today I will be taking them somewhere.....where, I don't know.

I finally got them up, around 2.45pm, after telling them that I had to go out.  I went and had a shower and while I was doing that they got all their gear together.  I had to end up taking them over to Jay's dad's house.  I was going to go into town and pick Tony up, but after I dropped them off I decided against it.  It was around 4.00pm when I got to drop them off.

I rang Tony and told him to catch the bus home, and I came home.  I was tired after sitting around all day.  I know I could've got them to catch the bus to wherever they wanted to go, but I am not like that. 

I have many weaknesses and one of them is being too soft and weak, but that's how I am.  If I can, I will help anybody and everybody.

From the Lens...........

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