Friday, August 12, 2011

An Unexpected Encounter

Friday 12th August, 2011

This morning was rather nice, cool but at least the sun was shining.  By the afternoon the clouds had rolled in but we didn't get any rain.

I went into town, picked up Tony and then we went to get Katie.  It was so good to see her again.  Hmmmm 3 weeks is a bit long.  After we left Kahra and Darrin we headed over to North Adelaide where I did my grocery shopping and had a coffee.  It was too early to go and have dinner.

When we finished there we went off to get some dinner.  We had decided to go Vili's Cafe.  Katie wanted schnitzel and we didn't think we would get into the hotel as we hadn't booked.

When we got to Vili's there was a large group sitting around a table having a sing a long.  Vili himself was among the group.  I went to order our meals and came back to the table.  The group were still singing and I noticed someone there with a guitar, playing.

The next song they started to sing was "Pink Champagne and a Room of Roses" and I suddenly realised that the guitar player was Johnny Mac.  OMG he was a star during the 60's.  I remember him being on TV and watching him on the various Tonight shows and the Country and Western Hour.

Katie wanted to know who he was and so we said that he is to us like Justin Beiber is to her hahahaha.  When we were a lot younger he used to have hits on the radio.  "What do you mean?" she asked.  Tony explained to her that he used to make records and they played them on the radio and we used to go and buy the record.  Just like when you go and buy a CD of the people you like to hear singing.

The group sang a few more songs while we were having dinner and then Johnny Mac left.  We wondered if he still had the Cadillac that he had bought off Elvis all those years ago.

Soon after, we finished our dinner and left too and headed for home.  Now, that was an unexpected encounter. 

From the Lens.......... I quickly snapped this as he was leaving, sorry for the blurriness

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