Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Tony, Is Not A Romantic

Tuesday 30th August, 2011

Tony and I have been watching Dinner Date on TV on a Tuesday night.  It is another reality TV program but we enjoy it.

They alternate each week with a girl having dinner one week and the following week is the guys turn.  The contestant is given 5 menus that have been made up by their prospective dates and from these menus each contestant has to choose three menus containing the food that they would love to eat.

They then get to meet these 'dates' by going into their homes, and the 'date' has to cook a 3 course meal for them that they had listed in their particular menu.  After they have eaten at the 3 'dates' places they get to choose one guy/girl and are given a weekend away with them to get to know them better and if there could be romance in the future.

So far there doesn't appear to be any ongoing romances, but some have remained friends.

While watching it one night I asked Tony what would he serve me.  Hmmm.........after much thought he said he would go to Barnacle Bills and get Seafood Cocktails.  "What about the main course?" I asked.  He said he would cook me bacon, eggs and baked beans.  Nice!!! (lol)  Then what about dessert?  Well, seeing I had asked him to bring home an apple pie for our dessert that night and he forgot, he said, "You won't get any apple pie, but maybe I could give you some icecream."  Wow!! when are we having this romantic dinner??

I didn't dare ask him where he would take me for a romantic getaway.  The bedroom would have been his response.  Bwahahahaha.

Tone, I love you dearly, but as for being a romantic.....pass!!!

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