Saturday, August 27, 2011

Tech Support - Where Is It?

Saturday 27th August, 2011

On Thursday I received all the paper work for the mobile wifi broadband that we had bought and I thought it strange that we still hadn't received the modem.  On Friday I waited until the postal delivery and there was nothing so I thought I would ring them.  I was informed that it was waiting at the local post office. 

It had been delivered to me on Tuesday and no-one was home.  Hey, I was home all day Tuesday and no delivery was made plus there was no card left in the letter box.  OK, I said, I will go and pick it up.

Late Friday night Tony decided to activate it.  I was a bit concerned that it might over ride our home internet and so we rang Tech support.  Four technicians later and we still had no luck.  Not one of them knew what we were talking about, and knew nothing about how to set it up.  One of them told Tony because he had Windows7 and IE9 that was the reason why he couldn't get it to work.  What a laugh!!!!

I was so annoyed I let them have it.  To me it should be Telstra's business to make sure ALL of their technicians know what products they are selling.  They tried to put us onto a Level 2 Technican (?) but came back and said that there was quite a long line up of calls ahead of us.   I think they have now got these Indians speaking with either an American or Canadian accent.  Every one we spoke to had one.

After we got off the phone we attempted to activate it ourselves.  We thought if we stuffed up our internet connection they should be able to get us re-connected.  After about 15 minutes we finally got it to work.  So much for Windows 7 and IE9.  There wasn't a problem!

This is the "thing"....our mobile WiFi

This morning Tony finished putting the music onto Troy's Ipod and then we headed out.  We called into Jodi and Troy's to give Troy his Ipod but they weren't home.  We then headed off to Victor Harbor.

We called into McLaren Vale to have some lunch.  We thought we would go to the Bakery there, it is always winning the pie of the year competition.  Tony had one of their pies and I had a pasty.  He said the pie was alright.

We then went to Medlow's.  They make the nice jellies.  They also had a large stock of Robern Menz chocloates and lollies, like Fruchocs, and also a whole heap of other choccies and lollies I didn't even know Menz made.  We bought some, hehehe.

On the way to Victor we called into the Alexandrina Cheese Factory.  Here they also make great milkshakes with the fresh milk from their farm.  I had a mango and Tony had lime.  Yum!!!  We also tasted some cheese and ended up buying some Gouda cheese with the caraway seeds.  One of the nicest Goudas I have tasted.

It was then off to Victor.  We made our way around to the Bluff and parked the car.  The sea was very calm but we didn't see any whales.  It had been reported that there had been about 5-6 whales there during the week. 

There were quite a few magpies nesting in the trees around the area.  The magpies were obviously used to people, they must feed them maybe.  Anyway there was this agro seagull and it kept swooping one of the magpies.  It was quite funny to watch.

the seagull swooping the magpie

Tony got his laptop and tried to connect it to our mobile WiFi.  Yay it worked!!  We had some trouble connecting the Ipod.  A few of the Apps worked but some didn't.  The ones that didn't work kept asking for an internet connection.  Oh well, we'll have to sort that out.

While there Troy rang wanting Tony to come and check out an exhaust fan he had bought for the bathroom.  Tony told him we were at Victor and we would call in on the way home.  We left Victor Harbor around 5.30pm.

On the way back we called into our favourite pizza place and had pizza for tea.  We had to eat it on the run as we still had to call into Troys and time was getting on.  We got there after 8.30pm. 

They have been busy getting the house ready to sell........still got heaps to do.  I can't see them having it ready until nearly the end of September, maybe later.  It was supposed to be put on the market next week.

We didn't stay too long, Jodi had been in bed and got up when we got there.  Tony told Troy he would come back in the morning and put the fan up for him.  They also want some light fittings and power points replaced.  Tony said he would do them another day.

When we got home, we had a coffee and weren't too long out of bed ourselves.  Driving is tiring, well sitting in the passenger seat is, hahahaha.

From the Lens..............

The Bluff

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