Sunday, August 7, 2011

So Close To Needing A Snorkel And Flippers

Sunday 7th August, 2011

Tony set the alarm last night for us to get an early start today.  We are going to go back to Robyn's place , pick them up and go to Williamstown to have a  look at the market.

When we got to Robyn and Bob's place, Bob looked like
death warmed up.  He was suffering from a sore throat and had a cough.  He decided he was going to spend the day in bed and so didn't end up coming with us.

We went to Williamstown and they had a small craft market in the local town hall.  I wanted some coat hangers that were covered, either by knitting, crochet or material.  I was in luck, they had plenty of them here and I ended up buying 9.  We also got some lemon tarts, apple pies and Robyn got some fresh lemons.

There were also stalls of locally made jams, jewellery, cards, candles, soaps, olive oil, plants, chocolates and handicrafts.

From here we went over to Lyndoch and had a look in the local craft shop.  I got some lavender bags from here.  On the way over to Lyndoch it had started raining.  Suddenly the rain turned to a downpour and there was water everywhere.

We then decided to go through to Tanunda in the Barossa Valley and my goodness we had never seen so much rain in ages.  It poured down and even with the window wipers going flat out it was still hard to see the bonnet of the car and the road.

When we got to Tanunda the water through the main street was unbelievable.  It was lapping at the underneath of the parked cars.  If the downpour had persisted it wouldn't have taken much more water and some of the shops would have had water running through them.  As it was, one of the hotel workers was out with a broom trying to unblock the drain.

We found a cafe, Nosh, and went and had a coffee and a roll for lunch.  While in there the rain had subsided and it was amazing as to where all the water had gone.  There wasn't so much running down the gutters.

We took a drive to Nuriootpa, the rain had started again and a lot of the vineyards were well under water.  Luckily most of them had pruned their vines, and those that hadn't wouldn't be able to get on their blocks for a few days at least.

By the time we got back into Gawler it was obvious that they had missed most of the rain.  The roads were quite dry.  When we got back to Robyn's, Bob was still in bed.  He said that he hadn't heard any rain while lying there.  Hope you get well soon Bob!

We left shortly afterwards and came home.  Both Tony and I had a short nap before dinner. 

From the Lens.........

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