Thursday, August 11, 2011

Signs Of Katie Growing Up

Thursday 11th August, 2011

Whaaaat!!!!  No rain this morning!  Hallelujah!  The day didn't turn out too least we had some sunshine.

I got my ironing done, a couple of loads of washing and that's about all I achieved today.  I am having problems with my back again and find if I can do things in short bursts I am OK.  I don't like taking too many pain killers and then I only take them when I absolutely have to, which is not often.

I spoke to Kahra today and in her words she said that Katie "was getting a little bit too big for her boots".  She said that this last week they have had some screaming matches.  I didn't ask as to what it was about, and she didn't offer any information to me.  Maybe it's a case of Katie growing up, she's nearly 10, going on 20.

I don't know if Katie will tell me what it was about when she comes for the weekend.  I don't like to ask too many questions in case she goes home and tells Kahra.  Usually she is quite open with me though.

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