Monday, August 8, 2011

Katie Goes To The Doctor

Monday 8th August, 2011

Winter has really set in is another cold and grey day.  Went shopping late this afternoon, and met Tony after work.

Shortly before I had to get ready to leave Jodi rang.  They have signed the papers for the house at Owen.  Troy apparently came home last Thursday night, signed the papers on Friday and then had to go away to Coober Pedy again on Saturday.

She said that she has got a month in which to get her house ready for sale, and then when it's on the market hopefully it will take no more than 2 months to sell and then a month for settlement.  I don't like her chances of having the house sold within 2 months.  The economy is on a downturn, and they say it is a buyers market but there are plenty of houses on the market and they have been for many months.  She wants $310,000 for their house as that is what they have paid for the property in Owen.  Knowing Jodi though, she always manages to land on her feet.

She was also saying that after they move in they are going to knock down walls and extend it.  To me, it would be easier just to have another house built.  Still, time will tell as we also heard the same things when they purchased the house that they are in now, and nothing was ever done.

After we came home from shopping and had dinner Katie rang.  She didn't go to school today as she went to the Doctor.  She said that the Dr told her that she didn't have asthma but she has to use a puffer as she has a cold and is having difficulty breathing.  I told Kahra quite a few years ago that during the night Katie either stops breathing for a split second and gasps for air which then makes her cough.  She continues to cough until she starts to dry reach, but Kahra has never done anything about it until now.

A few weeks ago Kahra took Katie to the optometrist.  Katie has been complaining for more than a year that she can't read the small print in books and lately has been coming home from school with headaches.  The optometrist said that she does need glasses for reading, she is long sighted and in Katies words she "can see a fly 5 miles away". 

Now hopefully she will wear these glasses and not think that they are a fashion statement.  We have noticed that Katie has a tendency to be 'sick' just because the other kids at school are, and she has also faked injuries because someone at school has their arm, leg or foot in bandages or casts.  Let's hope she's not a hypochondriac.

From the Lens...............Katie with her new glasses

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