Saturday, August 13, 2011

May The Force Be With You!

Saturday 13th August, 2011

We had a slow start to the day today.  I got up after not having much sleep, and found it hard to get mobile.
But eventually we got ourselves into first gear and got organised.

Katie helped Tony cook breakfast.  They were having bacon, eggs and hash browns.  Katie cooked the bacon and hash browns. 

After breakfast we had our showers, got dressed and our first stop was to the hairdresser so that Tony could have a haircut.  Katie and I went and had a wander and when we came back to wait for Tony who should we meet but Storm Trooper, Commander Bariss and some other guy (as you can see I'm not into Star Wars).  They were there on behalf of the Cancer Council and the Womens and Children's Hospital collecting for Kids for Cancer.  We gave a donation.

After Tony was finished we went into Big W.  Katie wanted some leggings.  We found some, plus a skirt, Tshirt, Jumper, and a Mambo top/dress.  She had to go and try them all on plus send me out for other tops and dresses she saw and liked.  Luckily none of those were suitable for her.  After deciding on what she wanted to keep we had to go and look at shoes.  She looooooves shoes!!!  She wanted a pair of flat shoes, suitable for her Movie/Disco nights.  We found some she was happy with.

After paying for her clothes ($118+) she wanted to go to the toilets and change into her Tshirt and leggings.
Tony went and sat in the cafe and ordered some salad rolls and coffee for our lunch.

We called back home for a toilet break, collected some eats and treats and then made our way to Tea Tree Plaza.  We were going to go to the movies to see Red Dog.  She had asked to go and see Glee 3D, but when we looked on the net for session times she saw Red Dog and asked to go and see that instead.  It was also a movie Tony and I had wanted to go and see.  The movie didn't start until 4.40pm.

What a wonderful movie.  It was set in Dampier in Australia's north west of Western Australia.  It is a true story of a red kelpie dog that became the communities dog.  It had the typical sad ending and I was a blubbering wreck.  It is a movie that we would highly recommend.

It was nearly 7.00pm before the movie ended and we still had to go and have some dinner.  Guess where Katie wanted to go?  Vili's Cafe again!  So after going back home for another toilet break (can you guess that I don't like using public toilets) we went off to Vili's.  The cafe was much quieter tonight.

We got back home after 9.00pm and it wasn't too long before Katie and I headed to bed.  Tony started watching a movie on Foxtel so we left him to it.

From the Lens..........New clothes gives Katie Attitude!

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