Monday, August 29, 2011

Is That A Whale?

Monday 29th August, 2011

While downloading the photos from my camera of the photos that we took on Saturday I noticed something very stange.

In one of the photos a wave is hitting something in the middle of the water.  In the photo previous to it there is no object or rock sitting out of the water and the photo after shows nothing as well.  Could it be a whale?  I zoomed into the photo and to me it looked like a whale.

When Tony came home from work he checked out the photos and he said it looks like a whale too  He also said he noticed it in the water while we were parked at the Bluff but at the time didn't realise what it was.  He thought it must have been rocks, but after seeing the photos he realised that there were no rocks there.

Maybe it's not a whale, maybe I've just got a vivid imagination.

From the Lens.............

this is the first photo

this is the second photo

O marks what we think is a whale

this is the third photo

make up your own this a whale?

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