Sunday, August 14, 2011

Got Some Odd Jobs Done

Sunday 14th August, 2011

We all had a sleep-in this morning.  It was near 9 o'clock before we got up.  Katie didn't have a very good night.  She was coughing non stop and I tolerated it until about 1.00am and then I got her to have her inhaler.
She no sooner had that and settled down.  I did manage to go back to sleep but still had one ear listening for her.

After breakfast she and I played a couple of games and then she went on the Wii and I had to watch her dance.
Tony did the breakfast dishes and then we went outside to do a few jobs.  It was rather nice, sunny and warmish.  Katie was excited to help.

We let her get on the ladder and she hung up a couple of pots on the trellis against the fence.  She also screwed in a cup hook so that I could hang a windchime.  She went around and got rid of some cob webs and watered some plants.  She was very pleased with what she had done.

Katie and I came inside when we were finished with what we were doing.  Tony was still out there glueing up my eagles so we could hang them up again.  They do frighten off the birds.  We started to cook dinner, we were having beef olives and some chicken skewers.  On Friday night she asked if we could "have that beautiful dinner we had when Taylor came to sleep".

After dinner we thought that we might go down to the beach and she could fly her kite.  By the time we got organised, having our showers and Katie getting her gear packed up, it was getting late so we decided against that.  Tony had to go to Bunnings and return the bracket that we had bought.  It wasn't suitable for what we wanted to use it for.

We then called into Office Works as Katie wanted a new library bag.  They didn't have exactly what she wanted but we got her a folder that would work for the time being.

It was then off to meet Kahra and Darrin.  Katie decided she wanted some onion rings from Hungry Jacks and so we met them there.  I got them something to eat, we chatted and then left for home. 

I was so exhausted when I got home.  It was an early night for me.

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