Sunday, August 28, 2011

Finally Got To Do The Backyard

Sunday 28th August, 2011

This morning, after breakfast, Tony rang Troy to see if they would be home so that he could go down and install their new bathroom fan.  They were out but Troy said to give them 20 minutes and they should be home.  Tony went down around 11 and was back home again about 12.30pm.

While he was gone I went out to make a start on the backyard.  I tidied up a few of the pot plants and then when Tony came back he dug out a couple of plants and we replaced them with some new onesWe weeded the back garden and then I vacuumed the patio area.  It looks so much nicer.

Now to have no wind, no leaves and the patio should stay nice and clean.  Yeah, right!  I still have to wash down the outdoor setting but I can do that during the week.

We finished up around 4.30pm, came in and had our showers.  After dinner, we spent it watching Fox News and their coverage of Hurricane Irene. It was causing so much damage and lots of rain to the east coast of America.

Our Foxtel gets turned off tomorrow and I think this is what I am going to miss the most.  Any world event that's newsworthy to the rest of the world, I would watch Sky News, Fox News or CNN for continuous coverage.  Yeah, free to air has 24 hours news services but they don't give the coverage like these news services do.

From the Lens............these eagles really do keep the birds away, especially the pigeons

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