Saturday, August 6, 2011

Dessert Pizza Anyone - Yes Please

Saturday 6th August, 2011

The weekend weather predicition wasn't going to be as good as what last weekend's weather was.  Cool with showers was what the weatherman was saying.  On Thursday night Katie rang to say she wouldn't be coming for the weekend.

During the week Jodi rang to say that it looks like they will be buying the house in Owen, the one with 9 acres of land.  They were supposed to have signed the papers but Troy was sent away with his job and so they would do it when he gets back.

We decided we would go and have another look for the house and so on Friday evening I rang Robyn to see if they would like to come as well.

We picked up Robyn and Bob and our first stop was to have some lunch.  They had been told about this cafe in Two Wells so we thought we would go there.  Even though they were having some renovations done out the front they were still open for business.

Bob, Robyn and I ordered Spare Ribs and Tony ordered a chicken breast cooked in the wood oven.  Yum, Yum, Yum is all I can say.  Tony's chicken breast was sooo tasty and the spare ribs in the plum sauce were delicious.  For dessert we tried a dessert pizza, Banana Caramel.  We got the large size for the four of us and it was heavenly.  A large size pizza cut into 8 triangles, topped with caramel sauce, cooked slices of banana and scoops of icecream.

Mmmm, soooo good....all that I left were the bones

I told the others to remind me to get a photo, but when it was brought to the table all thoughts of photos disappeared and we just went for the pizza.  I can still taste it now.....yummmmyyyyyyyy!!!!!  Definitely going back to this place again and again!!  They also do regular pizzas, so instead of going to our nomal pizza place at West Beach, Tony and I are going to try this place.

From here we went to Virginia Nursery so that I could get some more pebbles and some potting mix and then it was on to Owen.

During the drive to Owen it pelted down with rain but afterwards came the most amazing rainbow.  The colours were so vibrant but by the time we got the camera and took some photos the colours started to fade.

After asking at the local hotel we eventually found the property that Jodi was interested in buying.  From the outside it looked good.  It is not too far out of the town, but then again there is not much in the town.  There are no shops, just a General Store, Post Office, Red Cross Op Shop and the Hotel.  I don't know how Jodi will survive, because she is someone who loves to shop.

The Drapery shop of a bygone era

Coming from a country town ourselves and Robyn and Bob being more "countrified", (is that a word?),  than Tony and I, we all decided that we wouldn't like to live there.

Dropped Robyn and Bob off around 6 o'clock, Tony and I called into Bunnings Hardware to get some hard as nails and a bracket and then came home.

From the Lens...........area around Owen is farming country

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