Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Census Night

Tuesday 9th August, 2011

Is it really five years ago when we last had a census?  Apparently it is.  Every five years we have to fill in these forms.  This year I felt it was a waste of time.  All they asked for was our address, how long we had lived here, where we were born, did we work, who for, how many hours of paid and unpaid work did we do, how much did we earn last week and whether we need help to dress, feed and bathe ourselves.  Most of this information they could get from the Tax Office.

They say it is important to fill out these forms as it gives the authorities ideas of where to build shopping centres, schools, and other facilities suitable for the elderly, children, and residents.  The only question I refused to answer was the one about being  Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander.  To me, we are all Australian and should all be treated the same.

Just recently it was revealed that the Federal government has spent some $35 billion in the last 10 years on different programs and services for the Aborigines and not one of them has worked.   A good proportion of that money could have gone into education, or health care for ALL of us to benefit from.

Geez we don't want our country to end up like England.  The last 3 nights they have had riots in London where young people have gone on the rampage smashing shops, cars, including police cars, setting fire to cars, buses, shops, apartments and warehouses.  These riots have also spread to some of the larger provincial cities like Liverpool, Leeds, Bristol, Wolverhampton, Manchester, and Birmingham.  They say it looks as if London is going through another Blitz, like they did during the second World War.

It started off as a peaceful protest against the police who shot and killed an innocent man.  The louts soon got involved and went on the rampage.  England has got a very high unemployment rate and the government there has cut back on a lot of services to try and get the country's debt under control.  These cuts affect the lower classes and with no money they feel like everyone owes them something.  A lot of the shops they destroyed they also looted.

The reporters report them as being Anarchists.  Let's hope the English government, the police and maybe the army can bring some sort of control rather quickly before there are any deaths.  It has been very sad to watch it on the television.

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Photos courtesy of Adelaide Now 

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