Monday, August 22, 2011

Cancelled This, Cancelled That, But Nothing Else Accomplished

Sunday 21st August, 2011

I rang Telstra and yes, on my account was Standard Dialup.  I was told that I was being charged $35 a year to have this.  "Whaaaaat!!!!!",  I said.  "We haven't had dial up for years".  So I promptly told them to delete it off our account.  Now let's hope this gets done because I was talking to some guy at an International Call Centre and he was having a hard time understanding what I meant.  I'll ring again in a few days just to confirm that it has been deleted.

Tony also rang Foxtel to have that cancelled.  We haven't been watching Foxtel for a few months now, and for $105 a month that money is better off in our pockets.  Tony can see all the programs that he normally watches on Foxtel on free to air. 

Plus he was annoyed at all the offers that are given to entice new subscribers, yet for the long time loyal customers (we have been customers since 1996) we get nothing.  Also more and more commercials are being aired on Foxtel, which takes the enjoyment out of watching it.   For the few hours a week that we watch TV we'll just stick with free to air.

Kahra rang last night to say that Katie was upset because Ella had broken the shades that she got with her new Tshirt last week.  She wanted to know if we could go and buy her another Tshirt so that she could get another pair of shades.  Kahra's excuse was that Big W down by them didn't have many clothes and didn't have the particular Tshirt with the shades.

To me it was no big deal but Tony wasn't happy.  He said how would she know, if the glasses were broken last evening the shops wouldn't have even been open and so how could she have gone to look.   Anyway he went to Big W this morning and did get another Tshirt and shades for Katie.

We got out into the backyard when he got back and had plans to remove some plants, plant some new ones and have a tidy up.  After a couple of hours those plans were short lived.  Troy rang.  He wanted to know if we were home as he wanted us to put some music on his Ipod.

He said they would be here shortly.  We finished up what we were doing, came inside and had a shower and waited.  And waited until about 90 minutes later when Troy rang to say they were on their way.  We could've stayed outside and continued on with some more of our work for a bit longer.

They came, stayed for about an hour and left.  The music is going to take a lot longer to transfer than what Troy thought it would.  It was good that they were here, the Census collector also called for the Census form......we had already missed her twice previously.  Maybe we would have still been out the back when she came and wouldn't have heard the door bell.

That was our Sunday........not much done after all, at least not what we had planned on doing.  Tomorrow the weather is looking promising and so I will be able to get out and try and finish off.  The only thing I won't be able to do is dig out the plants and plant the new ones.

Let's hope the weather is nice for next weekend!

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