Saturday, August 20, 2011

Bargain Hunt

Saturday 20th August, 2011

The weatherman has promised us some nice days over the next 4-5 days.  He says the temperatures should be around 22 degrees C......nice!

Friday was just my normal nail day.  After I had them done I went into town and met Tony.  We went off and had coffee and then a walk through Rundle Mall.  Lots of people were out and about.

This morning we were up early......too early for my liking.  The alarm was set for 7.00am but I felt like I hadn't had any sleep.  I just wanted to roll over and go back to sleep.  I didn't, I got up had a shower and then we had to drop the car off to the mechanics.  Nothing wrong.....just when it was in a few weeks ago the mechanic said to bring it back in about 3 weeks and they would check everything, just to make sure things were still tight and no leaking oil.

He said that it would take around an hour, so Tony and I went off to Billy Baxters and had breakfast.  By the time we were finished breakfast the car was ready for pick-up.  We then went to JB HiFi as Tony wanted to look for a game for the Wii........Flight Simulator.  I wandered off and looked at the Ipads.  While doing that a salesperson came up and helped me.  Instead of me getting an IPad, I got a 'thing'  hehehehe.  I don't know what it's called, all I know is that we can have the internet on the run, it will connect up to 5 devices, like my IPod touch, Tony's laptop, an IPad if we get one and whatever else needs the internet.

He checked my phone account to see if he could do a deal and found that we have Standard Dial up attached to my account.  What's with that???  He suggested I ring Telstra to find out what's going on.  We use cable for our internet service.

After we finished there it was onto Bunnings to get another bracket.  Seeing the morning was still relatively early we decided to go up to Strathalbyn and have a look at their Antiques Fair.  On the way we passed this ginormous water pipe leak in the road.  Water was coming out of it higher than the power lines and all over the shop roof.......would have to be some damage there I would say.

We got to Strath and found it was a much larger town than we thought.  When we were there a couple of months ago with Katie we only saw a quarter of it.  We walked through the streets and into a few second hand shops (or Antique Dealers, as they like to be called).  We then walked up the hill and onto one of the halls where various crafts people and antique dealers had stalls.  We paid a one off entrance fee and that entitled us entry into all the four halls that were scattered throughout the town, and also to ride the shuttle bus that took you to these halls.

We bought an original hand painted Dutch Delft blue plate.  I remember Tony's mum having some of these and after she died I didn't want them.  Whether the rest of the family took any I don't know.  Now I wished I had as we don't have too much of anything to do with Tony's heritage. 

We caught the bus to the next hall which was at the Showgrounds.  We had a wander around but didn't buy anything.   We headed outside for a coffee and a roll and while having that a horse and carriage appeared and who should step out of it but Tim Wonnacott, the host of Bargain Hunt.

He spent ages outside posing for photographs, talking to people and signing autographs.  It was so nice to see, he had a moment for everyone who wanted to speak with him, or wanted a photo taken or an autograph.  Not like your usual celebrities who brush people off.

We then caught the bus back into the town and then walked back to where we had parked the car.  It was nearing 5.00pm by the time we got to the car so we decided to head home.

On the way home we made a detour through Hahndorf.  The Variety Club Bash cars finished their run this afternoon at Hahndorf and so we decided to have a look.   It looked as if all the competitors had a fun filled week of driving and some of their cars told the story........mud splattered, looking worse for wear.  It's all for a good cause though.......the childrens' charity, Variety Club.

This time it was definitely head for home.  No other stops, only to get some Fasta Pasta for dinner.  We had had a great day.

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