Sunday, July 24, 2011

We Yelled For Cadel!!

Saturday 23rd July, 2011

I am over my sinus/head cold that I had for about a week.  Tony has also recovered from his.  Yayyy we have a healthy household!!!

Again no blogging since Tuesday.  Nothing much has been going on in my life.  The weather has been so cold and we have been experiencing some of our coldest temperatures for quite a few years.  The weather looks to be on the improve and by Thursday the temperature might climb to 20C.  With the weekend coming again....guess what......more rain!!!

Tony finally picked up the car up on Thursday night after work.  On Wednesday the mechanic took longer to finish off what he had to do and so he didn't get to drop the car off to the Automatic Transmission place until late in the afternoon on Wednesday.  Apparently the gasket had cracked which caused the leaking.  He said that usually they only crack when you drive over something like the gutter or kerb, but we don't remember doing anything like that.

The Tour de France is getting really exciting.  Australia has a very good chance of having it's first winner ever in the Tour de France with Cadel Evans.  He rides with the BMC team.
Thursday night was riding through the Alps.  The stage finished at the most highest point in the Alps ever, some 9,000 feet.  Just watching it I was exhausted, but the scenery was breathtaking.

Tony set up the camera and tripod to get some photos off the TV

With about 60 kms to go one of the favourites for the race, Andy Schlek, made a break for it.  None of the other riders went with him and so he finally got out to over a 4 minute lead.  With about 10 kilometres to go some of the other fancied riders decided to make a break for it and go on the chase.

Cadel Evans was one of them and for all of the 10 kms he rode in front of this group, and having no help from anyone, he chased down Andy Schlek to within a couple of minutes.  What a ride!!  This has now set him up to have a good shot at winning the Tour.

The new slogan from the Aussies who were in France watching the Tour was "Yell for Cadel". 

We yelled for Cadel!!!

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