Sunday, July 17, 2011

We Are Feeling Much Better

Sunday 17th July, 2011

Friday I hadn't improved much so I took it easy.  I couldn't even be bothered going into town to meet Tony.  Instead I met him at the Village.  OMG he looked terrible too when he got off the bus, as he didn't have a good day. 

He said he had been coughing most of the day, sneezing and just feeling lethargic but being the typical male, instead of coming home he stayed at work.

Thank goodness we had no plans for the weekend and weren't having Katie.  We did stay up to watch the race and Saturday morning both of us didn't wake up until 11.00am.  Saturday was just a sit around, lazy day.  For dinner I did make some pumpkin soup.

As we needed to fill our water bottles, and seeing I didn't go into town Friday night, we ended up going in and filling up the bottles after dinner.  Even though it was cold, we thought it would've been better to do it then than Sunday, as they were forecasting rain.

Came home, watched the race and had another late night,  getting to bed after 1.00am.  Sunday morning was another sleep-in, though not as late as yesterday morning.

We were both feeling a lot better.  The sneezing had stopped, no runny nose or watery eyes.  We both just had a cough but getting some medicine into us helped that.

Robyn rang in the afternoon to see if we were home.  She had bought herself a new laptop and wanted Tony to show her how to use it.  She got here around 2.00pm, but we decided it would be better to connect her to the internet at her place.

For the last 3 weeks she has had no internet connection.  She had rung Telstra several times but to no avail.  With her describing what was wrong, we thought she may have had modem problems.  On the way back to her place we called into a Telstra shop and got her a new WiFi modem.  Before we left we rang Telstra to get the brand and model number that they would recommend.

When we got back to her place Tony went about connecting the new modem.  Still, there was no internet connection.  While she was at our place Bob had rung her to say that some guy had rung and he knew what her problem was.

We thought we would ring Telstra support first.  I ended up speaking to them and after being on the phone for more than 45 minutes we were no closer to solving the problem.  Finally Robyn rang this guy and within minutes he was able to get her internet connected.  Yaaaayyy!!!!!  Can I say here that Robyn was doing the happy

The Telstra technician admitted to Robyn that they were at fault.  Three weeks ago Telstra had rung Robyn to see if she would like to change her plan.  She agreed to do so and apparently they had stuffed up at their end with the connection.

Tony got her laptop connected to the Wifi and she was happy.
We came home and had our leftover pumpkin soup.  When we walked in the house.......hmmmmm we wondered.  The front door was wide open, the screen door unlocked.  Could we have possibly.....been burgled?

Nope, everything looked the same as when we left and nothing was missing.  Tony suggested perhaps it was because when we left, Robyn went out the front door, and he and I left through the internal garage door.  Not giving it a thought neither of us thought to check the front door.

Another day of racing.....Tony was in his element.  There was the German Motorcycle Grand Prix and then the Tour de France.  He missed the 500cc motor bike race as it overlapped the Tour but did get to see the other two races, (the 125's and 250's).  I stayed to the end, but seeing it's work for him tomorrow he went off to bed around 11.00pm.

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