Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Message.......What Message???

Tuesday 19th July, 2011

Each day I am feeling better.  Yesterday was a very quiet day, I didn't even go shopping.  Had some meat and veggies that I could cook for dinner and as we have to take the car to the mechanic tomorrow, I thought I would shop when we go to pick it up.

Tony dropped the car off this morning.  We are losing fluid.  The mechanic thought perhaps we had a hole in the hose for the power steering but we thought it was hydraulic fluid.  Also, it is due for a service.

Later on in the morning Tony got a phone call to say it was definitely hydraulic fluid and that it needed to be taken back to the guy who did the gear box for us earlier in the year.  The mechanic also found a couple of problems with the spark plugs and needed to replace some rings.  We also needed to replace the spark plug leads and there was also a problem with something to do with the distributor cap.

Tony had to ring the gearbox mechanic to get it booked in for tomorrow.  There wasn't a problem with that.  I met Tony at the Plaza and then went to get the car.  Uh-oh, it wasn't ready.  Apparently they were still waiting for the rings to be delivered. 

Tony told them that he had booked it into the gearbox mechanics for 8.00am tomorrow morning and so they offered to take it there for us tomorrow after they had finished with it.  The mechanic said that he had tried to ring Tony about 4 times during the afternoon to let him know that the car wouldn't be ready and had left messages on his phone.  He was surprised to see us there.

Tony looked at his phone and there were no new messages or missed calls.  Hehehehe apparently the mechanic had been ringing Tony on his old phone number.

So off we went to have a coffee before we had to catch the bus back home.  Got on the bus and when we got to the Village we went and did a bit of shopping.  Didn't get too much as we had to carry it home.

Nearly forgot........Happy Birthday Rick!  Hope your day was an enjoyable one. 

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