Saturday, July 2, 2011

So Nice To Sleep-In

Saturday 2nd July, 2011

It was so nice to have a sleep-in this morning, we woke up just after 10.00am.  The trouble is though you don't feel like doing too much as you feel half the day has gone especially when you are used to getting up early.

The day outside was not too pleasant.  Grey, overcast and raining.  A whole lot different to yesterdays' weather. 

So, that's exactly what we did....nothing!!  Well, when I say nothing, Tony put some mice baits in the ceiling because they say we are having a mice plague.  I know the country areas are, but we saw on the news where some cats have died after eating poisoned mice here in the city.

While in the ceiling he also replaced one of the baffles in the duct that puts heating into the study.  On Thursday the duct for the heating stopped working.  He had just a got new baffle too as he wanted to replace the one in our bedroom, but seeing we hardly ever use the heating in there, he thought he would keep it as a spare.  Now I must remind him to get another one.

The rain cleared as the day progressed but came back again during the early evening.  We decided to go and get pizza for dinner.  Haven't had it in a while and it tasted soooo good.

From the Lens..........look what the wind blew in....grrrrr

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