Thursday, July 14, 2011

Loving the Tour De France

Thursday 14th July, 2011

This morning when I woke up I didn't feel too bad but as the day wore on I started to feel more and more like crap.  I don't have any aches and pains or cough, it's just my head.  My nose is like a dripping tap.  Every time I move I gotta reach for the tissues and have been sneezing quite a bit.

When Tony came home from work he is exactly the same, runny nose and sneezing.  Hmmm I wonder who gave it to who.  I reckon it is boy germs.........hehehehe.  In this house we like to share everything, but this, I can pass, thank you very much.

Stayed up to watch the Tour de France.  Today they were in the Pyrenees.  OMG I was puffed out watching them riding up those mountains.  The scenery was spectacular and just on the other side of the mountains was Spain.  I can't imagine that during the winter months that whole area is turned into ski-ing fields.  We did see some of the ski lifts as they were riding past.

Johnny Hoogerland, a Dutchman, has become the hero of this Tour.  Last Sunday while in the leading group, one of the television camera cars collided with him and he ended up crashing into a barbed wire fence.  He needed some 33 stitches.

Monday was a rest day, lucky for him, and then he came out and has ridden since with his legs and arms covered in bandages.  He also got to wear the polka dot jersey, which is given to the king of the mountain.  He had accumulated the most points on Sunday. 

Last night he lost it, another rider ended up with more points than him.  He tried to get up to the leading pack but couldn't maintain his speed.  I think the French have adopted him as one of theirs, he is one gutsy bike rider.

From the Lens..............

Johnny Hoogerland in the polka dot jersey

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