Sunday, July 3, 2011

Fun With The Wii

Sunday 3rd July, 2011

No sleeping in this morning, I woke up much earlier than yesterday.  The day was a bit brighter than yesterday, still cloudy but at least there was some sunshine.  It was still cool.

Robyn rang to say that they would be calling in to give me the money for the Dolly Parton tickets.  She also had some oranges and mandarines for us.

They came around 12.45pm and ended up staying for dinner.  I had planned on cooking Chow Mien and there was enough for all of us.  During the afternoon Robyn and Bob got on the Wii and did a bit of Wii Fit Plus and then played the games including tennis, 10 pin bowling, golf and boxing.

We had quite a few laughs watching them, it looks easier to play than what it is.  Robyn was proud of her boxing, she had two KO's.

After dinner we watched Dancing with the Stars and then they headed off home just before it finished.  Robyn wanted to get home before Downton Abbey.  As we hadn't watched last weeks episode, Tony taped tonights episode so he could watch the Moto GP.

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