Thursday, July 28, 2011

The Days Are Getting Longer

Thursday 28th July, 2011

What a beautiful day today.....the temperature is 20 degrees, the sun is shining, hardly any wind and with just one month of winter left I can't wait for Spring.  Tomorrow should also be 20C but then in the afternoon we will get some showers.

The weekend's not looking too bad, a few showers on Saturday morning and then for the rest of it, fine, with temps in the upper teens.  Hopefully we can get out and do some gardening on Sunday, our poor garden has been neglected the past couple of months.

I am also noticing that we are having extra daylight....yay!!!  It is staying light now until about 5.40pm, another good sign that Winter is just about over.

Nothing else has happened this week, just the usual everyday things like cleaning, laundry and pottering about.  We did have the coach of one of our football teams, Neil Craig, resign.  He was the coach of the Adelaide Crows and they have not been performing too well this year.  The other football team in Adelaide is Port Power, who also have been playing poorly, but they have a new coach, Matthew Primus, and he is still finding his way.

These two teams are part of the AFL, which consists of 17 teams from all around Australia.  Next year a new team based in Sydney will also be joining the competition making for a total of 18 teams.

It will be interesting to see who the Crows appoint as their coach next year.  Hopefully it will be someone with experience.  There are only 6 games left until the finals begin and our two teams will definitely not be playing in the finals.

On Sunday is the Showdown, Crows v Power.  I think Power have the upper hand in beating the Crows but this game will be interesting to see how the Crows go under the interim coach, Mark Bickley.  We support both teams usually, but when they play each other, then it's.............Go Crows!!!

From the Lens...........

High flying Torney of the Crows

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