Friday, June 17, 2011

A Shuffle Makes For A Win

Friday 17th June, 2011

Today I have my nail appointment and then it's off to meet Tony and go and pick up Katie.  I must be getting used to the cold weather, if it weren't for the wind, today would be almost 'mild'.  It is supposed to get to 16 degrees with some showers.

We picked up Katie around 5.00pm and she couldn't wait to tell me her exciting news.  At school they had been running a Christie's Got Talent, along the lines of Australia's Got Talent.  They had auditions, semi finals and today was the final.

She and four of her school friends, Maddie, Connor, Jayden and Marcel formed a group and called themselves the "Five Awesome Shufflers".   There were several acts in the final and the voting was done by the kids at school and also a panel of judges.

Well guess what?  They WON!!!!!  She was sooooo excited telling us, so I can imagine what she was like when they announced her group as the winners.  They received a medal and a certificate.

She first learnt to shuffle from Tori.  By watching Tori do it she picked it up pretty quickly and seeing she has had no formal lessons she is quite good at it.  To me, trying to explain it, it's moving your feet, in a shuffling movement, real fast to dance/pop music.

She has worn out a few pair of shoes doing it also.  She calls them "shuffling shoes", but they are only slipon canvas type shoes.  Luckily they aren't too expensive.

Last night while doing some grocery shopping she was trying to teach me some shuffling in the aisles.  My shuffling is nothing like hers.  We even had an audience, some other shoppers stopped to watch us.  I think Tony was just a bit embarrassed........hahahaha.

From the Lens........I wanna do some shuff-ell-ing

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