Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Plodding On

Tuesday 7th June, 2011

I'm still plodding on.  I just want my house back to normal and not the mess that it is in.  I can't see how people can live in messy houses like someone I know (no names mentioned).  It is alright for a couple of days but to live in it day after day........ugh!!! 

I got the display cabinets emptied, cleaned and washed all the glasses and ornaments.  When Tony came home he cleaned the oven and washed the ceilings and walls in the kitchen and dining room area.

I can't see this cleaning being finished by Friday.  As Monday is a public holiday here, Tony said it was alright to have the carpet steam cleaner for the extra day if need be.  I think we are going to need it.

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