Monday, June 6, 2011

A New Week

Monday 6th June, 2011

Well, I wonder what exciting things today will bring.  Oh, that's right more cleaning.  Hopefully this will be the last week of the 'spring' cleaning.

I managed to get the ironing done today, more washing, cleaned the DVD cabinets, finished up the spare bedroom and sorted through some stuff in the family room. 

I didn't go shopping tonight, thought I would use some of the food we have got in the pantry and fridge, so tonight I made a tuna mornay.

When Tony came home, and after dinner, he cleaned the hotplates and we cleaned out the fridge.  Seeing I do that regularly throughout the year it wasn't too bad.  He was going to wash the ceilings and walls in the kitchen, but it was getting too late, so we're leaving that until tomorrow night.

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