Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Is That Light Shining For Me?

Wednesday 8th June, 2011

Oh God! walking out into the family room/lounge room this morning made me feel like wanting to go back to bed and stay there all day.  There wasn't much I could do until Tony came home and washed the ceiling and walls for me.

I quickly snapped out of the going back to bed thought and decided to make a start on the laundry.  When Tony rang me, he could tell I was getting fed up, so he suggested I take a break, go into town and pick him up from work.

I loaded up the car with more bags for the charity bin and went in and met Tony.  We called in and did some shopping, had Barnacle Bill's for tea, dropped off the bags and headed for Bunnings.  I wanted a shelf for the display cabinet's bottom cabinet.

We got there about 5 to 7 only to be told they were closing.  During the winter months they are only open until 7.00pm Sunday to Wednesday and Thursday to Saturday until 9.00pm.  The lady asked us if we knew what we wanted and when we said we did she let us go in.

We found some shelving but had to have it cut to the size we wanted.  It is a darker wood than the cabinet but seeing it can't be seen I decided to go with it, I wanted a shelf.  We can always change it when we see some shelving closer to the colour to that of the cabinet.

Why didn't we think of putting a shelf in there before?  It looks so much better, and my dishes are not piled on top of one another like before.  At least I will be able to get to them without the risk of breaking anything.

Tony washed the ceiling and walls, vacuumed the curtains, all ready for me to wash the windows tomorrow.  I am just starting to get a bit excited as I can see a glimmer of light shining at the end of the tunnel.  Yippeeeee!!!

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