Sunday, June 19, 2011

A Busy Weekend With Katie

Sunday 19th June, 2011

It wasn't hard getting back into the routine again with having Katie.  Saturday morning she slept in until after 10.00am.  When she woke up we had breakfast, got ourselves ready and went and did some shopping. 

With my cleaning, I gave Kahra most of the clothes I had here for her.  They were either too small or she wouldn't wear them.  Kahra has friends who have girls younger than Katie and they willingly take the cast off clothes.

Our first stop was the Village.  She wanted to go and have a look at some sneakers that she had seen there previously.  They still had them and at the price of $99 she knew not to ask for them.  Instead, we went into Big W, as she had seen some there.  I ended up buying her a pair, but they were to stay at our place.

We then went out to Elizabeth.  Here I got her a top and some pants.  I also wanted to get myself a jacket, but soon gave up looking for one as she was complaining her legs were hurting.  Funny how they don't hurt when we look for clothes for her.

After having a coffee we went to get something for dinner and came home.  I ended up cooking pasta for dinner which she enjoyed.

Saturday night we played a few games of Uno, played on the computer for a while, watched a bit of TV and ended up in bed about 10.30pm.

Katie's tooth also had become quite loose.  She was eager for it to come out and kept playing with it with her tongue. 

On Sunday morning she asked to go to the Zoo.  That was fine with us.  Seeing we are all members of the Zoo Society it doesn't cost us anything to go.  The weather didn't look too bad, the sun was shining and there was lots of blue sky.

I didn't want to go in too early, as if we finished at the Zoo early, we would have to find something else to do with her.  Our first stop was to see the Pandas.  Geez they have grown, especially the male, Wang Wang.  They were quite active, as at 2.30pm they were closing the exhibit for an hour.  I don't know what for, maybe to feed them.

Our next stop was at the pelicans.  It was feeding time and the keeper let the kids throw the fish to them.  Ooohhh what a smell.  Katie smelled like fish but she loved throwing the fish for the pelicans.  Their huge bills didn't miss catching too many of them.

After going to the toilets to wash her hands and get rid of the smell we headed for the lion enclosure.  It must have been close to feeding time for them as well as they were prowling around their cages.

Tony and her went into the nocturnal house.  I was on the phone to Kahra arranging a meeting place and time to drop Katie off.  When they came out she wanted me to go in and see the bats and bilbys.

We didn't get around to see the monkeys or the orangatans or the tigers.  That's for next time.  That's the beauty of being members, we can come and go as often as we please.  It is much cheaper to be members than paying to get into the Zoo each time we go.  We can also go to any of the Zoos in Australia for free and also to some overseas ones.
We saw the giraffes, wombats, otters, hippos, lemurs, red pandas and Katie and Tony went into the snake house.  That is one place I refuse to go into.  While they went in there I went and got some coffee for Tony and I and Katie wanted some hot chips.  It had also started to rain.

The time was getting on so when we finished our coffee and chips we thought we may as well go.  By now the rain was coming down harder.  We had to call into Tony's work so that Katie could change into her clothes for home.  She wanted to wear what I bought for her on the Saturday, but she knows that they stay at my place and if she wears them before she goes home, she has to change.

Darren came to pick her up.  She will be back with us again next Saturday as she has Taylor's birthday party to go to on Sunday.

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