Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Will AFL Be Played At Adelaide Oval?

Tuesday 3rd May, 2011

Last night a historic vote was taken in Adelaide.  The members of the Adelaide Oval (SACA) had to decide whether AFL (Aussie Rules) will be played at the Oval and if the decision is 'yes', the Government will put in around half a billion dollars to upgrade it.

At the moment football is played at Aami Stadium in West Lakes.  The crowds are not attending matches there as some say that the Stadium is not suitable anymore for football.  Millions of dollars have been spent upgrading that Stadium.

Last year Tony was given tickets to attend a football game.  Well, thank god for the big screen there.  Where we sat, the players looked like ants and you could hardly make out who the players were.  At least we could watch the game on the big screen.   I would rather sit at home and watch it in the comfort of my living room than go and sit in the wind, rain and cold.

The people for the 'yes' vote say that more people will come to Adelaide Oval as public transport is easier to be able to get there, and they (the government) have promised to upgrade the Torrens River precinct.  Also when the footy is finished, they believe people will go onto the casino, nightclubs and restaurants.

The people for the 'no' vote believe that the Oval will lose its character.  Also it will take away some of the parklands, car parking will be harder to find plus the 'snobs' of North Adelaide don't want it......it might interfere with their lifestyle.

At the moment cricket is played at Adelaide Oval.  The State cricket may attract 1,000 people, we have two One Day Internationals where it may get capacity crowds, depending on whose playing, and we have one Test Match.  The Oval is also used, maybe, once a year for a concert, Rugby 7's was played there and a soccer match once a year.  Apart from that they do play local club (SANFL) football there, but not every week.  

Admittedly the Oval is a picturesque place to go with the cathedral at one end, the city at the other end, to the east the hills and to the west the sea.  If I was a member my vote would be a definite 'yes' but here in Adelaide we have too many 'tree huggers' who do not like to see progress.

We have often been called a backwater city and no wonder.  Admittedly we have a very laid back lifestyle, not the hustle and bustle like other cities but whatever plans get put forward to advance this city there is always a small minority that knocks it on the head.

Thank goodness for the determination of Premier Rann.  Several years ago he decided to extend the tram line from Victoria Square down King William Street onto North Terrace and out along Port Road to the Entertainment Centre.  There were thousands of protests against it happening, but try and get on a tram now, especially during peak hour.  The trams are jammed pack, not even any standing room left.

Well the votes are in and have been counted.  The decision is........


Yaaaayyyyyyy the members have spoken!!!

From the Lens..........

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