Saturday, May 14, 2011

A Taste Of Culture

Saturday 14th May, 2011

This morning Katie helped me bake some more Florentine cookies.  She got all the ingredients out, measured and mixed them together.  This time I used Corn Flakes and I must say they are even nicer than those I made with the Special K. 

Tony had to get his prescription filled which he tried to do last night.  As the chemist in the city had 'stuffed' up his repeat notice they wouldn't fill it, so they told him he would have to go back there to get it done.

Seeing that we had to go into the city I thought I would go online and see if I could get any tickets for Cirque Du Soleil's "Saltimbanco".  I didn't know that they were here until we saw a grab about them on the news the other night.

The last time we saw them was about 10 years ago which was when they were last in Adelaide.  We thoroughly enjoyed the show then and so I thought Katie might enjoy it as she is into dancing and acrobatics.

We managed to get some tickets (in very good seats) for the Matinee show which started at 4.00pm.  Drove into the city, got Tony's prescription, had some lunch and then caught the tram down to the Entertainment Centre.  This time they are not performing in their Grand Chapiteau (tent).

The show was brilliant!!!  Well worth the money.  It was funny, entertaining and we marvelled at the supreme fitness of the cast.  Katie thoroughtly enjoyed it and oohed and aahed at some of the acrobatics.

We were home soon after 8 and Katie went to bed soon after with me planning to follow not long after.  About 9.15pm Tori rang.  She was at the football club and wanted to know if we could drop her friend (Mark) and her back to his place.  We had to wake Katie up and then go to pick Tori up.

We dropped them off at Parafield Gardens and when we finally got back home again I was ready for bed.  It took a while for Katie to fall asleep but eventually she did.  She said that she had enjoyed her day.

From the Lens..........

Cast of Cirque Du Soleil - Saltimbanco

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