Monday, May 16, 2011

Sunny Days And Cold Nights

Monday 16th May, 2011

Another week starting and we're already half way through May.  The weather predictions for this week are supposed to be good.  Nice days, cold nights getting up to 22 degrees C Thursday and Friday.  On the weekend we are in for some more showers.  I can handle that.

Have to go and re register the car today.  This will be the last time we get a registration sticker to put on the car.  Another thing the government is doing......phasing out the stickers.  From July they will not be issuing them anymore.   To some people the sticker is a reminder when their rego is due.

Wonder how many people will drive their cars unregistered?  Apparently all the police cars (both marked and unmarked) have on board computers and they will be able to check, but how can they check every car on the road?  You just have to shake your head in amazement at some of these bureaucratic decisions!!!  Just to save some $2 million a year!!

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