Saturday, May 28, 2011

Good Intentions But.........

Saturday 28th May, 2011

First thing this morning Tony had to go to the doctors and have his 6 month blood test for cholestrol.  When he got home we had some breakfast and then it was time to continue on with the cleaning.

All we managed to get done today was the bathroom walls and ceiling washed.  I did get into the study and sorted through some books.  Tony also built the bookcase and got that in place for me in the study.

Tonight we went and dropped off some bags for the charity bin and also dropped off the old bookcase.  We then went into work and dropped off some rubbish and cardboard boxes.  We got back home around 11.00pm and when we walked in the door Tony's mobile phone was ringing.  He had forgotten to take it with him.

It was Security letting him know that there was an alarm at work.  When he dialled in, he saw that one of the water tanks had gone into fault.  He thought he had better go in because if the float was stuck it would mean a flood in the basement.  So back into work we went, getting back home at 12.45am.

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