Wednesday, May 4, 2011

On The Lookout For Another Coffee Shop

Wednesday 4th May, 2011

The weather has not been the best, cold and overcast but we haven't had much rain.  The weather bureau said that in April we only got about 13mm of rain for the whole month.  That's way less than what we normally get.

Last night Tony and I took the tram down to Glenelg and had dinner.  There was a reason we went down there.  Earlier in the day he rang me to tell me that the Dome coffee shops had closed their doors as of close of business Monday night.  I was shocked.  They had only opened in November last year.  He said that all 3 stores had closed.  I had to go to Glenelg and see for myself, so that's why we went.

Now we have to look for another coffee shop when we go to Glenelg or up to Hahndorf.  I can't see a problem, there are plenty of them around.

From the Lens..........The Dome coffee shop at Glenelg


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