Sunday, May 15, 2011

The Hills Were Alive......With The Sound Of Music

Sunday 15th May, 2011

This morning we all slept in, not getting out of bed until around 9.00am.  While having their breakfast Katie and Tony watched "Despicable Me".  Katie said it was a good movie and enjoyed it. 

We didn't have anything planned to do today, just take it as it comes.  Around lunch time we decided to go for a drive into the hills.  While passing through Hahndorf we stopped to see if my cleaning products had come in yet.  No, not until this week sometime.  We then went onto Mt Barker and stopped off at the playground.

Katie had a run around and played with some other kids on the playground for awhile.  When they left she said that she had had enough too.  We decided to go onto Strathalbyn.  Here we had a look through one of the antique shops, they have several of them in the town.  Tony and I thought it might be best to come back one weekend when we haven't got Katie.  Though she enjoyed looking at the old dolls, nothing else took her fancy.

We went and had a coffee and something to eat at the local cafe.  By the time we were finished it was time to head back to Adelaide and to meet Kahra.  We have been thinking of having Katie every 3 weeks instead of fortnightly.  As she is getting older it's getting harder to find things to do with her. 

She loves coming to stay but soon gets bored.   She is not interested in playing with toys anymore, she loves reading, playing her DS and the Wii.  She'll watch TV for a while but she mostly loves being outside.  We don't have a big backyard where she can run around or ride her bike or scooter.  We have to go to parks to do those things.  Not that we mind, but sometimes she's not too enthusiastic.  Katie seems to be happy with coming every 3 weeks, but Kahra still wants her to come fortnightly.   We'll have to wait and see.

From the Lens..........time for a 'schlucken'

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