Sunday, May 8, 2011

Happy Mother's Day

Sunday 8th May, 2011

Today in Australia is Mother's Day.  We celebrate it on the second Sunday in May.  Happy Mother's Day to all the Mums out there and hope you have a wonderful day with your families.

I personally don't celebrate Mother's Day and all the palava that goes with it.  To me I don't believe that our children should spoil us on one day of the year, be nice to us and then be a......holes on other days.  I think why can't our children give us flowers, or give us breakfast in bed, or buy a small gift to show that they love us on ANY day of the year.  Why wait for Mother's Day!!!

Also it is too commercialised.  Look at the brochures that come out prior to Mother's Day.  Are your children failures because they didn't give you that expensive perfume, or that beautiful piece of jewellery, or the latest kitchen appliance?  Too much expectation is placed on families to go out and buy Mum a gift that sometimes they can't even afford.

And let's not forget the hotels and restaurants.  How come they charge exorbitant prices to go out for lunch today, just because it's Mother's Day.  Maybe the only difference by going to some places today from yesterday is that every Mum may get a wilted chrysanthemum.

I suppose why today is no different to me than any other day, is because I have Mother's Day every day.  Every day I am spoiled in some way, and I truly appreciate all that is done for me. 

I have had a great day......done nothing except make some more of those Florentine biscuits and got a phone call from our son.

From the Lens..........

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