Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Busy At The Computer

Tuesday 10th May, 2011

Brrrr today is COLD with a sprinkling of rain.  I definitely am not looking forward to winter!  The next few days forecasts are not much better.  Time to hibernate!!!

I had a sleep-in this morning, got up at 7.20 am.  Had a tidy around, put some washing in the machine, looked at the ironing and thought, you can wait until tomorrow.  Spent most of the day on the computer transferring files to the EHD.

My computer is just about at its maximum capacity.  I have 2 EHD's and one is full and the other one has barely got anything on it.  I want to do a reformat on the computer, but before I do, I have to take most of my files off it so I don't lose anything.  It is the most tiresome task but it has to be done.  Either do that or transfer everything onto CD's or DVD's.

The trouble with transferring onto CD's is that I download digital scrapbooking stuff everyday and I don't know what I've put on CD's and what I haven't.  Putting them on the EHD is much easier.

Oh well, with winter just around the corner this will keep me busy for sometime.  I get to stay indoors, in the warm.  It also gives me an opportunity to go through all my digital scrapbooking files and delete what I don't want.  I also want to make some pages to be sent away for printing into books.  Oh God, please give me more hours in a day!!!

From the Lens...........EHD's

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