Thursday, April 21, 2011

You Want Me To Do What?

Thursday 21st April, 2011

Jodi rang early this morning and now wants me to make up some place cards for the dinner after the wedding.  It is not a real reception, just a few of their closest friends and some family getting together to celebrate their wedding.  As I had to go out later she is going to drop off the list and cards tonight.

I went to the Plaza to do a bit of last minute shopping and while there saw this gorgeous Easter candle burner that I had to  I then went into town to meet Tony.  We got home just after seven and Jodi rang, "Is it alright if I come around tomorrow with the cards etc?".

Not ever having done this type of thing before, I said that I would prefer to make a start on them tonight in case they didn't turn out and she had to make alternate plans. While waiting for her to come Tony and I got the girls' Easter eggs wrapped up.  Around 9.30pm she showed up but with only one pack of the place cards. 

After she left Tony and I worked out how to set up a template to print them.  After a few trial runs onto plain paper we got them worked out and so I printed the names onto the cards.  To me, they looked quite good.  Let's hope Jodi likes them when she sees them.

From the Lens..........Easter candle burner

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