Saturday, April 23, 2011

The Wedding Day Has Arrived

Saturday April 23rd, 2011

Well the big day has arrived!  We were up early so that I could get Katie to her hairdresser's appointment at 9.00 am.  She was so looking forward to having her hair done, she wanted it to be curly.  When the hairdresser had finished she was so so happy with it.  She couldn't wait to get home and show Poppa and he loved it!!!

I had another shower and washed my hair, I prefer to do my hair myself.  While we were out Jodi had rung and wanted us to pick up the bottles of bubbles on our way to the gardens.  Katie couldn't wait to get herself dressed, and by the time I had finished my hair she was asking "When can we go?"

Instead of sitting around and listening to that for the next hour we decided we may as well leave now and sit around at the Botanic gardens.  We called into Diannes to get the bubbles and headed off for the gardens.  I tied the bows onto the columns, (not the way Jodi showed me),  but they looked alright.  Checked the stereo for the volume of the music, and that was good, they should be able to hear it from the top of the archway. 

Tony and Katie went and got us something to eat for lunch from the kiosk and then we just sat and waited.  Troy and his attendants arrived soon after.  He looked very

Around quarter to two Tony went to the Conservatory gates as he wanted to video her arrival.  This is from where Jodi was going to enter.  He was soon back letting me know that she had already arrived.   I had to go and collect the girls purses and then come back to let the celebrant know so that she could get most of the guests seated.

Oh my, the girls looked stunning.  Jodi had chosen a black and white theme, the older girls in black and the younger girls in white.  The ceremony was short and simple with Troy getting emotional while saying his vows.

Then it was off for photos, socialising and more photos.  While they all went to various places in the park for photos I stayed behind to tidy up and look after the things left behind.
I rang Tony to see how things were going and he and Katie came back soon after.

We then headed down to Glenelg and the Watermark Hotel as that is where the dinner was going to be held.  They also have a motel attached to the Hotel and some of us were staying there for the night.  When we got there Troy had already organised the rooms for us.

Dianne and I went and started to decorate the tables.  Jodi had given us the plan of the seating earlier.  Troys uncle is one of the head chefs at the Watermark and he prepared for us a beautiful 3 course meal.  The food was delicious.  Everyone had a great time feasting and dancing.

By 11.30 pm we headed back to the motel and got ourselves organised for bed.  Taylor -Marie ended up sleeping in our room with Katie.  Getting them to go to sleep was the problem.  They could hear the others running around, shouting and they kept knocking on our door and making the girls laugh.  I think by 1.00am everything had settled down.

All I wanted was some sleep!!!

From the Lens..........Jodi and Troy

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