Sunday, April 10, 2011

We Got Our Invite.........Yaayyy

Sunday 10th April, 2011

This morning I woke at 6.45am and decided to start my day.  During the night we had a lot of rain, I think I heard every drop that fell.  This morning it was still damp.  The only thing we had organised for the day was to go to the movies and see "Rio".

Later in the morning Jodi rang.  She had called around yesterday while we were out and dropped off our invitation to the wedding.  She had left it under the mat at the front door, but seeing we don't use our front door, (we enter the house through the garage), we hadn't seen it.

She also asked us to meet her at the Botanic Gardens this afternoon around 2pm to go through things for the wedding.  I told her we were going to the movies and so it depended on what time we went there as to whether we would go.

We checked on the net and the times to see 3D Rio were either early in the afternoon or late afternoon.  I rang Kahra to see if she would mind having Katie back a bit later.  We had thought about going to see the movie at Marion and as that is closer to where Katie lives Kahra said that she didn't mind.  So it was to the 4.50pm session we decided to go to.

We met up with Jodi at the Botanic Gardens.  Everyone was there, all the attendants, her mum and dad, some friends and even the celebrant and photographer.  Hmmm I wondered if this was a plan and they were going to surprise us with them getting married now.  Nah, it was just a walk through of what she wanted to happen on the day.

We left them around 3.30pm,  not before I was given the task of tying the ribbons around the poles of the Barber Shop Gazebo.  I've still got to find out if she was serious.  She asked Tony to video the ceremony.

We headed down to Marion and to the cinemas.  The movie was OK, though Katie said it was the best one she had seen yet.   Sorry Kate, I beg to differ.  We met up with Kahra and Darrin after the movie, they were having something to eat at Hungry Jacks.  It made it a late night by the time we got home.

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