Friday, April 29, 2011

A Royal Wedding

Friday 29th April, 2011

Can I say I'm excited?  Today is the Royal Wedding and I get to sit in front of the TV for about 6 hours to watch it and all the pomp and ceremony that only England can do.

Before that though I have to go shopping.  Tony said that he would cook another bar-b-que for tea, which would let me watch the telly uninterrupted.  Love you Tone!!!

After going up to the Village we also ended up going out to Elizabeth Shopping Centre as I wanted to go to Charlesworth Nuts to get some fruit pieces.  I want to make some Florentines. 

Yesterday while at Tanunda, I bought a home made packet of Tropical Florentines and they were so yummy.  They were made with corn flakes and condensed milk with some fruit and nuts.  Look so easy to do so I am going to have a go.

Well, William and Kate are now husband and wife.  She looked stunning (at times she looked a bit like Princess Mary, who is married to Prince Frederik of Denmark).  Loved the ceremony, simple and to the point.  Adored her dress and the gorgeous lace and her sister looked just as beautiful.

William was handsome in his outfit and I felt sad that his mother, Diana, was not there to see him on this day.  She would have been so proud.  One can see a lot of Diana in William, especially the shyness.

Now onto what I didn't like.  Firstly the Queen could have chosen a colour other than yellow.  It made her look too wishy washy. 

Catherine's mother could have done something with her hair, her dress was lovely but her hair looked very ordinary.

Elton John looked as if he wasn't well, to me he looked as if he had trouble walking.
And what was with those hats, the ones that sat on the forehead.  The only one I liked was Victoria Beckhams'.  Perhaps she could wear hers better than the others.  

Princess Beatrice's hat looked as if hers was a bubble blower.  I suppose these type of 'hats' will now take over the fascinators.

The authorities estimated the crowd that lined the route was around one million people.  Kate said it all when she and William walked out onto the balcony and she exclaimed, "Wow!".

I took most of these photos from the TV screen.   It was just like being there in person.  I hope that they have a more successful marriage than his parents did and that the paparazzi leave them alone and let them get on with their lives.
From the Lens............what the world was waiting for

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