Saturday, April 9, 2011

One Happy Shopper......Make That Two

Saturday 9th April, 2011

Where has the perfect weather gone?  This morning dawned grey and overcast with a few spots of rain.
By the time we were ready to leave, to go and meet Katie, the rain was more consistent.

We met up with her at the arranged time and off we went into the city shopping.  She was pretty excited.  First stop was Myers.  She found some dresses she liked, tried them on and decided that she liked the first one she tried on.  We decided to try some other stores first and see if they had something that she liked better. 

"You're supposed to be looking for a dress"

It was very disappointing.  None of the other major retailers had anything suitable.  Where do you go to dress a 9/10 year old other than the major chain stores like Target, Big W or Kmart?

I didn't want anything too fancy or expensive as she wouldn't get the wear out of it.  Thankfully, the dress she chose was neither and would be suitable for wearing after the wedding.
So back to Myers we went and got the dress. She also saw a hoodie she liked so we got that as well.

The new hoodie

Then it was off for some lunch and some much needed rest for our tired feet.  After lunch we still had to go and get her some shoes.  She had her mind set on some 'high heels' (wedding shoes) she called them.  Nothing could convince her otherwise.  All the other shoes she tried on were either too small or too big according to her, but funnily enough the high heels fitted perfectly, even though ALL the shoes were the same size. 

In the end I decided on some boots for her.  I thought that they would go with the dress.  She had no hesitation in saying yes to them.  The ones I preferred and thought would look better with the dress , she didn't like but we agreed on another pair and so we bought them for her.  At least I had one happy shopper!!

By this time it was getting late and so we went back to work.  Here, she put on the boots and dress and did a fashion parade for us out in the courtyard.  With her hair done I think she will pass the test.

We went and got pizza for dinner and ate it while watching the planes take off and land.   Once home we decided to watch a movie we had bought.  Unfortunately there's something wrong with our Blu Ray player as it wouldn't read the disc so we had to settle on a normal DVD.  We ended up watching "Coraline", even though we had seen it at the movies when it first came out.

From the Lens............our next supermodel

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