Sunday, April 17, 2011

A Nice Find At The Botanic Gardens

Sunday 17th April, 2011

I thought that we may have had a lazy day today but it wasn't to be.  Tony and I went back to the Botanic Gardens.  Last week Jodi asked if we had speakers that she could play the Ipod through.  We did have a set and so we thought we would try them out.

I found out what song she was going to use and got it off the net.  We went back to the Barber Shop gazebo and Tony set up our Ipod and speakers and I walked down the path that she would be coming along.  I could hardly hear the music.  So that's not going to work.  She also mentioned that she may have to use a laptop with speakers attached and so I think that may have to do.

We went and had a coffee at the coffee shop and then went for a walk around the gardens.  I didn't realise just how large they are.  It was much nicer there today than last week, the weather was perfect, no breeze and bright sunshine.

As we were walking back to the car there sitting by the footpath was a young kookaburra.  He didn't fly away but just sat there while we took his picture.  He had a peck in the ground looking for grubs.  I was a bit concerned for him as he didn't make any attempt to fly away and I thought that maybe he had a broken wing.   Seeing that he didn't fly away I was worried that he could be attacked by either dogs, cats or foxes if he stayed where he was. 

I got Tony to try and see if he would come looking for food if Tony held out his hand making out to feed him.  As Tony got closer to him he flew up to a sign post and sat there.  Thank goodness!! At least he could fly and get away from any predators.

We got back to the car and Tony started to drive off when he noticed that an infringement notice was attached to the window wipers.  Whaaaaaaat!!!!  I thought that it was free parking all day Sunday.  Tony opened the plastic envelope and we had been fined for parking in a parking spot without a permit.

We didn't take any notice of the signs, thinking they were all the same.  And to make matters worse the parking inspector wrote that notice out minutes after we had parked and left the car.  Tony drove back around to see what the sign said and sure enough we were wrong to park where we did.  Oh well, we'll have to cop the $35 fine.

It put a downer on to what was a lovely afternoon.  Next time we'll read the sign.....hehehehe.

From the Lens.............

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