Thursday, April 14, 2011

A Lunch Date

Thursday 14th April, 2011

Today I was meeting Dianne for lunch.  We headed off to Tea Tree Plaza.  While there Dianne wanted to look for some earrings to wear, that would go with her outfit for the wedding.  We ended up finding some at Michael Hills Jeweller.  They were quite nice, cubic zirconia studs.  I ended up getting a pair as well, to give to Katie, either for her birthday or maybe Christmas.

For lunch we ate in the food court and both had a salad sandwich and coffee.  Then it was off to look for some nail polish and makeup for her that would be suitable.  She was happy as she found that too without much drama.

A bit more looking around and then it was time to drop her off at her place as I had to go into town to pick Tony up and get him to his doctor's appointment at 4.30pm.  The doctor gave him another prescription for some more antibiotics and said that sometimes these type of sores take a while to go away.

We then had to call into Diannes' place as she had left her earrings in the car.  From here we went and got Tony's prescription and off to Fasta Pasta for dinner. 

We no sooner walked in the house when the phone rang.  I am sure that whoever rings us has little spies out letting them know 'they are home now', as that happens so often.  This time it was Jodi giving me the final details of her 'hens night'.

I thought I had got away with not having to go, but no :(.  She wants to go to the Casino and the Pullman Restaurant for dinner.  I said I would go for dinner but not stay afterwards.  These days I can't stand noisy places.  She was happy with that.  Apparently Dianne is also only going for the dinner so I am picking her up and then will drop her off home.

From the Lens............Autumn Leaves

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