Friday, April 15, 2011

Limbo Anyone?

Friday 15th April, 2011

Can anyone be more excited about going to have their nails done than what I am?   It has been almost four weeks and they have grown so much and are annoying me.  I find that they get 'in the way' when making the bed or trying to do housework. 

Four weeks is waaaayyy too long for me between appointments, but we arranged it this way due to the wedding next week and also it being Easter and a short week next week.

Oh dear it was a rush to get to my nail appointment.  Something told me to check the card and it was for 12.15pm and not 1.00pm like it always is.  So it was a mad dash to get into the shower and get ready.  I was having a leisurely Friday morning.

After my appoinmtent I came home and finished tidying up a bit before I went into town to meet up with Tony.  We went off and did our usual Friday evening thing, coffee, cake and this time we had something to eat from O'Porto.

I see heaps of people eat from this place and have often wondered what the food would be like.  Well it's not really that much different to Maccas or Hungry Jacks.  The only difference being is that they sell only chicken, and you can have it in burgers, wraps or in pieces, and it's grilled rather than fried like at KFC.  Oh well ya gotta try it once!

Went to Myers to have a look for a birthday present but I found nothing suitable.  On the way home we filled up the water bottles at the brewery and did some grocery shopping.

From the Lens...........anyone for some Limbo, how low can you go?

He did it!!!  The bar was at the height of a 600mls Coke bottle

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